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Installing pavers on dirt can provide your garden with a certain cleanliness, as well as an insect-free space. The process is also something you can look to do yourself without professional assistance, although there are options should you wish to get a professional involved.

For instance, Dragon Stone Paving are professional and experienced pavers for Christchurch – we can help you get the perfect paving for your garden – after all, no home is complete without a pristine garden. Why not see about getting a quote from our team of paving specialists today?

Should you wish to undertake the project yourself, however, here’s how you can get started in pursuing your ideal garden space.

Plan Your Space

The first and perhaps most obvious part of the process is planning where these pavers should go, as well as how they should be arranged. Organisation is key before actually laying pavers into position. Though they can be removed, why would you want to give yourself the extra work if you’ve laid one in the wrong place?

When you’re ready, you’ll need a number of tools including a rubber mallet, measuring tape, a rake, a shovel, sand, and general safety equipment to ensure you are working safely. You’ll first want to measure the area, before clearing away the soil and grass. Add a paver base, before adding the paver restraints.

Once this is complete, place the pavers in position, before sealing and filling in the gaps. The final step is compacting everything – tap the pavers once more to set them into the sand. You can of course search online for a more detailed step-by-step guide, though this is a general run through of those steps. Ultimately you should be able to turn your garden into the perfect outdoor space.

Alternatively, if you want professional expertise, then Dragon Stone Paving is your port of call – we have years of experience in the paving industry, from residential projects to civil and commercial projects. Best of all, you can ask for a free, no obligation quote at our website should you wish to compare and consider your options.

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